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What's inside this booklet?

  • What is the Sacrament of Penance and Reconciliation?
  • Why do Catholics believe in this sacrament?
  • History of the Sacrament
  • About the Catholic Church
  • Penitent responses and prayers
  • An examination of conscience
  • Scripture readings on reconciliation

Ideal for:

  • Reconciliation preparation
  • Lenten or Advent communal reconciliation services
  • Reconciliation candidates and parents
  • Confessional or reconciliation room
  • Pews and information racks

About Penance and Reconciliation and Rite for Reconciliation of Individual Penitents


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An important addition to the 2 books in 1 series, this helpful guide walks Catholics through the sacrament of reconciliation in clear and compassionate terms. About Penance and Reconciliation offers instruction in the basics of the sacrament, including the sections “What happens during the sacrament?” and “Why do Catholics believe in this sacrament?” It also defines specific terms and offers a brief history of the sacrament for reconciliation. Flip over for Rite for Reconciliation of Individual Penitents, which includes an examination of conscience, as well as prayers for the sacrament of reconciliation and Scripture passages and reflections for the penitent. A useful guide to make this vital sacrament even more meaningful, this booklet will be tucked into personal Bibles and used often by those who avail themselves of this healing sacrament of the Church. 6" x 9", 28-pages