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Customer Service Frequently Asked Questions 

Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions about FAITH Catholic products.  Please let us know if we can help you further by sending an email to customerservice@faithcatholic.com.

October Universal Prayers and Commentary Sample

October Daily Homilies Sample 

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Q: How do I log in and download my electronic Universal Prayers and Commentaries or electronic Daily Homilies?

A: Our subscription service allows you to access your quarterly installment of Daily Universal Prayer and Commentary online.

To access your subscription, follow these seven easy steps:

1. Click this link:  https://faithcontent.net

2. Select the Login option for your subscription and language - a popup window will appear on your screen. 

3. If you are already a subscriber, click on the Login Here link at the top of the window.

4. Under Print Subscription Login, key in your Renewal Code and Postal Code (first five digits only, Canadian Customers include the whole postal code including the space) 

5. Then select: Login

6. Find your new documents in 2023 on our newly redesigned content page. Access any document either in Word or as a PDF. Remember, your subscription allows you to download, save, edit and print as you choose. We hope you enjoy the flexibility and convenience of our content site. 

7. When you have completed your downloads, we recommend refreshing your browser and then click LOGOUT at the top right of your screen.

Q: I did the login steps and I still cannot find the documents, or get logged in. 

A: There might be cookies and cache build-up on your browser. Please try any of these work-a-rounds then go through the login steps again. 

  • Refresh your broswer, click the LOGOUT button at the top right, the pop up window should say "Already a subscriber? Login here" again at the top. Proceed with the login steps. 

  • Clear your browser cookies and cache 
  • Using a different browser than your default, type in the web address faithcontent.net then continue the login steps as normal. 

  • Open an Incognito window (Chrome) or a New Private Window (Safari, Edge, Firefox), then type in the web address faithcontent.net. Don’t click a link. Proceed with the login steps as usual. 

Q: I entered my email and password but cannot log in. 

A: We don’t require an email or password, but rather your renewal code and zip code to log in for all digital subscriptions. 

Q: I entered my information correctly but the website tells me I don't have a subscription, or that my subscription is expired. 

A: We've been experiencing many instances of this problem occuring. The best way to check on your subscription is to email us customerservice@faithcatholic.com and give us your full mailing address and let us know of the problem. Please do not purchase another subscription in hopes of opening the login. We are currently working to rectify this problem, please be patient with us as we build a new, more easy to use subscription website.   


Q: My new quarterly print issue hasn't arrived yet. When can I expect it? 

A: Thank you for your patience. We begin mailing the new quarter roughly six weeks before that quarter begins. You can expect your issue to arrive by the 15th day of the month prior to the beginning of the new quarter. For example, the April- June quarter should arrive by March 15th. After the 16th, please contact customerservice@faithcatholic.com if your issue hasn't arrive and we will be able to send a duplicate to you. 

Q: I received an email with directions to log into a website for the Subscription. I only use the printed version. Will I still receive that in the mail?

A: Yes, we will continue to mail the quarterly printed copies of your subscription. Every print subscription comes with digital acces, that does not effect the mailed copy. 

Q: How do I change the address on my account?

A: Go to  https://faithcontent.net and at the bottom of the screen click on “Renew Subscription/Change Address” use your renewal code and zip code to log in. No email and password needed. 

Q: I want to change the email address for my account. How can I do this? 

A: Please email customerservice@faithcatholic.com and provide us with the old email address and the new email address and we will respond once we’ve made the change. 

Q: Where can I find my renewal code? 

A: It is a 5 letter/digit combination found at the top right of your Invoice/statement, or on a subscription mailing label. 

Q: How can I renew my subscription? 

A: Please click on the ‘Renew Subscription/Change address” link at the bottom of the https://faithcontent.net  Home page. You will need your renewal code and zip code only to log in to make the renewals. 

Q: I would like to cancel my subscription.  How can I do that? 

A: Please email us at customerservice@faithcatholic.com and include your renewal code and zip code along with what subscription you’d like to cancel. We will respond once we’ve made the cancellation. 

Q: I would like to add to my subscription. 

A: Please email us with your additions and we will be in contact with you if we have any questions. Please provide a mailing address and renewal code in your email to customerservice@faithcatholic.com

Q: Is there a free sample available of your subscriptions? 

A: Yes. We offer the first month of each new quarter as a sample. They can be located on our Store website on both the Universal Prayers and Commentaries page and on the Daily Homilies page.

Q: I just ordered a subscription.  When can I expect it to arrive? 

A: Mailing times can vary, and are largely dependent upon the USPS. During non-holiday/normal business hours you can expect that we will receive your order within 24 to 48 hours, post mark it and get it into the mail stream. Please allow extra time for orders placed on weekends.  These will be shipped to the best of our ability on Mondays. 


Parish Product Orders

Q: I just ordered a parish product online.  When can I expect it to arrive?

A: Shipping times may vary depending on location. Our shipping office typically receives the order request within 24-72 hours, before processing and shipping your package via UPS Ground. Please see our Shipping and Handling page for more information. Please note any holiday hours- as your order will ship after our return.

Q: I submitted a tax form through the website, but my order still shows the tax. How can I expect removal of tax for billing purposes?

A: Please contact Customer Service by email at customerservice@faithcatholic.com, supply your name, parish name, full mailing and billing address and an attached Tax exempt form. Then proceed with the order choose the "Bill me" option during checkout. Customer Service will be able to attach your tax form to the order and correct the billing amount before sending you an invoice in your package. 

Q: I live outside the United States, why can I not order online through your store? 

A: We ask that all foreign customers order directly through our Customer Service office to insure accurate international shipping rates are applied to each order. 


Contact Us

Q: I would like to call and talk with someone, but I don’t see a phone number on the website. 

A: We would be happy to talk with you and answer your questions.  Please send an email to customerservice@faithcatholic.com and include your phone number along with any other relevant information (mailing address, renewal code), that will help us serve you best.  A product and services member will call you back as soon as possible.