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What's inside this booklet?

  • How does the Church welcome new members?
  • History and symbolism of celebrating the Easter Vigil
  • What sacraments will happen tonight
  • About the Catholic Church
  • Easter Vigil Mass responses and prayers
  • Commentary on readings and liturgy
  • Explanation of different parts of Vigil Mass, including baptismal liturgy

Ideal for:

  • RCIA candidates
  • Easter Vigil program
  • Faith formation classes
  • Pews and information racks

About Easter Vigil and Easter Vigil Liturgy


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A new addition to the 2 books in 1 series, this informative four-color booklet focuses on the beautiful and solemn Easter Vigil Mass. About Easter Vigil includes an explanation of the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults (RCIA), as well as the history and symbolism of the Vigil. Also included is a section on “What Catholics Believe,” outlining the basic tenets of the Catholic faith. Flip over for Easter Vigil Liturgy. This useful booklet offers a complete worship aid with commentary for full participation in this most important liturgy of the year. Ideal as a program for the Easter Vigil as well as a keepsake for participants and attendees. 6" x 9", 48-pages