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Daily Universal Prayer and Commentary Subscription

Published since 1967, this flagship parish product from FAITH Catholic is a staple for many parishes and is usually kept right on the ambo. FAITH Catholic’s writers incorporate themes from the readings and liturgical year into the universal prayer. You don’t have to devise your own intercessions for daily or weekend Masses with this vital resource from FAITH Catholic. All subscriptions now come with Digital access and are able to be downloaded from a subscriber site as a Word document that is easily edited or a PDF file and saved to your computer. 

NEW SUBSCRIPTIONS ONLY, PLEASE. If you are already a subscriber and need to reach us, please email customerservice@faithcatholic.com


  • Universal prayers and commentaries for daily and weekend Masses
  • Presider universal prayer opening and closings
  • Reference to the reading number in the lectionary
  • Focus statement about the readings
  • Universal Prayer (petitions)